ELEKTROWIN a.s. egy kollektív rendszert működtet elektronikus eszközök és hulladékok összegyűjtésére, feldolgozására, és ártalmatlanítására. Elektrowin a.s. az Easy Projectet a normál szervezési feladatokban és projekt menedzsmentben használja fel.


The goal of the software solutions implementation is to  streamline organization management, obtaining documents for meetings and for strategic decisions.

Further monitoring of the project progress:

  • creating a project schedule
  • tracking project stages
  • storing project documentation
  • fulfillment of tasks
  • monitoring benefits of the project
  • monitoring project expanses



Basic functions of Easy Project were used to implement Easy Project  Stage projects are divided into milestones. The documents are either attached to a task as an attachment  or stored in the project documentation. Projects finances are monitored by extension "Budgets and Cash Flow". Projects are funded from own resources, that is why incomes are seen as allocated budget for the project.



Expansion modules beyond the basic software

  • Project budgets and Cash Flow
  • Editable print templates


They said about Easy Project

"We have implemented Easy Project in our company with a vision that it will not just be a tool for effective project management, but also for work flow management in individual departments. We have implemented it with the idea that it will be used by all employees of the company as a daily task manager and supervisors will gain better insight into the activities of individual departments, practically, even if they are away from the office, because Easy Project is accessible through a web interface. "

Ing.  Roman Tvrzník, CEO


Field: Production 
Number of users 14
Original solution: overviews in Excel
Implementation 2014

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