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Original applications:

Mantis for ticket monitoring, information system for time tracking & user management & project finance monitoring


2012, support 2013, 2014

A vállalatok 18 éve működik, több száz sikeresen befejezett projektet tudhat maga mögött a web design és digitális média világában. A vállalat az Easy Projectet főleg az erőforrások és projektek kezelésére alkalmazza. Ezen felül örömmel vették az előző Is-szel való integrációt is.

Requirements for software solutions

  • Implementation of application for complex project and resource management on its own server solution
  • Using of application for project management on all organization levels of the company
  • Information system for task and time monitoring spent on projects
  • Project finance monitoring
  • Reporting of statements and project overviews through Gantt diagrams adjusted to the needs of top management and project managers
  • Smooth import of projects and tickets from application Mantis into new application while maintaining continuity
  • 50 customers from about 20 companies with access to Easy Project

Implementation of the project software

The company FG Forrest chose application Easy Project mainly because of editing options, open source code and complex REST API which allows an integration with current systems. Top management and project managers of the company were used to plan their work and projects in a specific way and one of the requirements was to keep it that way. That's why e.g. modules for Gantt diagram and resource management were adjusted to meet those specific requirements.

Users are authenticated via REST API against an information system.

Tasks, projects and monitoring of worked time are synchronized via REST API in current IS both ways. In practice this means that both systems always have updated information about the project or task, so users can also track tasks and time worked in an original way.

More than 40 000 tickets were imported from the original system including their complete history.

Help Desk users (customers of company FG Forrest) login to Easy Project using LDAP.

Implementation (integration of REST API + adjustments) took more than 300 hours including installation and launching on FG Forrest servers. Application design was adjusted according to the requirements of client's company style (corporate identity).

Plug-ins used during implementation

Resource management

Customized Gantt Diagram

Alerts - early warning system

Customer feedback

"Easy Project software fulfilled all our main requirements. Planning of projects and related processes is now user-friendly and cooperation with original system works without any problems. The biggest advantage for us is certainly REST API and easy integration to IS."

Petr Foltýn, production manager, FG Forrest

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