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Mantis for monitoring of clients' requirements 

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Internet Projekt, a.s. internet portálokat és applikációkat készít. Az egyik legnagyobb webes vállalat a Cseh Köztársaságban. Az Easy Projectet főleg a projektek ellenőrzésére és a támogatás javítására használják.


Implementation of complex software for entering and monitoring of task performance on projects. The main requirement was to provide to our clients application with similar functionality as Mantis. Clients must have different rights and have access to information which are not internal, such as prescribed time, the private task updates etc.

Other requirements include: monitoring of time worked, creating of management reports for comparing of the plan and reality, creating of source materials for regular and easy to process reports.


Easy Project users are divided to administrators, managers, employees and clients according to the rights and roles. Each user has a customized view of the tasks depending on what they need to see. For example, clients can submit requests, check the work progress at the requirements, but they don't see the information about internal tariffs, prescribed time, etc.

Resource utilization is used for planning and monitoring the capacities of workers. In resource utilization are also planned requests from clients for a longer time horizon. Managers have an overview of the capacities of workers ahead and they know when they can assign them other tasks.

Specific requirements were addressed with customized adjustments of Easy Project. We've added displaying of choosing labor intensity of projects, as specified by Internet Projekt. Then we adjusted the calculation of the prescribed time of tasks to suit the use according to the processes. We adjusted the look of Easy Project according to the corporate identity of Internet Projekt.

Použité moduly nad rámec základního řízení projektů

  • Resource management
    • Attendance of workers
    • Workers' utilization
  • Finance management of projects
    • Project budgeting & cash-flow
  • Advanced project management
    • Knowledge and documentation
    • Early warning system
    • Calculated user fields

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